Shaved Ice Software

Software to Run Your Business

Looking for the perfect software to run your shaved ice business? 

Your search is over.  Our system is affordable, user friendly and designed to meet the needs of your shaved ice business.  Check out our list of features and contact us for a demo.


  • Your own website - with your own url! Add your own background, content, hours, location w/ a map for directions. 
  • EASY order taking.  Use any device with an internet connection. Android or Apple, phone, tablet or  desktop - doesn't matter.
  • DITCH printed tickets, pen/paper or writing on cups. Place a device by the workstation, when an order comes in the employee knows EXACTLY what to make - with instructions on how to make it.  Training becomes a breeze.
  • Works for walk-up windows, drive thru or sonic style parking.
  • Online ordering for your customers. Allow your customers to order online from a desktop or mobile device using a variety of payment methods or pay when they arrive.
  • Accept multiple payment types.  Cash, Credit/debit, PayPal. We even integrate with Square.
  • Need to charge a convenience fee for cards?  No problem!
  • Electronic Loyalty Cards! Reward your customers!
  • Gift Certificates!  Purchase and use gift certificates online or at the window.  We even allow the creation of vanity gift certificates.
  • Simple menu management.  Easy to set up.  Run out of something?  Hide it from the menu with a touch of a button.
  • User Manager. Easy account set up for new employees, with permission based access to system features.
  • Reports with real time data tracking. Monitor your employees from remote!
  • Tasks - Get things done! Keep your employees on task and accountable. Maintain multiple to do lists / checklists. Opening, closing, throughout the day, birthdays, corporate events - you name it! No more "I forgot."  Easily assign tasks by individual or group.  Put your events in the calendar and the system will trigger the things you need to do to setup!
  • Promotions. Have a special arrangement with a business? Need a way to track for billing purposes?  No problem, set up a promotion.
  • Hero Feature. Want to thank your local police, first responders or your favorite people?  Allow a free item per order or simply let them be placed at the front of the line.
  • Search function & Item descriptions. Great for new employees or online customers.  Each item has a description so your customer knows what the product is.  They can also search "pink or sour" for a list of items that fit that criteria.

About Us

We're a family of four with a daughter that has big goals!  At 15 (with a little help), she purchased the community shaved ice business to save for college.  Having a background in tech, we wanted to transition the business from pen and paper to technology driven.  While there are applications on the market, nothing was specific to shaved ice and our first season was in the middle of a pandemic. 

After a season, we've adapted our system and are eager to share our technology and vision with others.  We can't wait to give you a demo and help you get set up.  

Video Demos

Order Taking
Making Orders
Online Ordering

Contact us

Email us at or call (712) 303-3347 to setup a demo.